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Soon: Charm City Rocks

Hello everyone. Just dropping in to say hello.

As far as writing goes, I'm currently in an odd, limbo-like place between novels. My next one, CHARM CITY ROCKS, is all done and ready to be published on June 6. And the novel that will come after that, which doesn't have a title yet and only exists in the abstract, is in the dreaded planning-and-note-taking stage.

The planning-and-note-taking stage is far and away my least favorite stage of the writing process. It's tedious, frustrating, and full of half-baked thinking and false starts. I once accidentally described this stage as "creatively dry heaving." I know, gross, right? Sadly, though, the planning-and-note-taking stage is vital, and without answering fundamental questions about motivation, character arcs, and plot engines, I've found that it's virtually impossible to get a book up off the ground.

But enough about all that. Stay tuned for more on CHARM CITY ROCKS as the book gets closer to publication. Lots of fun, music-related things planned. Talk soon.


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