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Charm City Rocks book cover - 2023-03-30.jpg

When a single dad meets the former rock-star crush of his youth, everything they thought they knew about happiness and love is thrown into chaos.

All Together Now - book jacket - large.jpeg

A dying man brings his oldest friends together for one last beach blowout in this witty, heartfelt novel.

Last Couple Standing - book jacket - final.jpg

A couple determined not to end up like their divorced friends try a radical experiment—and get in way over their heads—in this hilarious, heartfelt novel.

We're All Damaged - book jacket - final.jpg

Andy Carter was happy. He had a solid job. He ran 5Ks for charity. He was living a nice, safe Midwestern existence. And then his wife left him for a handsome paramedic down the street.

Domestic Violets - book jacket - final.jpg

A darkly comic family drama about one man’s improbable trials of love, loss, and ambition; of attraction, impotence, and infidelity; and of mid-life malaise, and poorly-planned revenge.

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