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A dying man brings his oldest friends together for one last beach blowout in this witty, heartfelt novel.

At just thirty-five, reclusive billionaire Robbie Malcolm is a renowned financial prognosticator, a celebrated philanthropist, and a mathematical genius. Also, he’s dying, which is a fact he’s carefully concealing from the world.

As he takes stock, Robbie realizes that his wealth means nothing if he can’t help the people who matter most. So he invites his oldest friends—Blair, Cat, and Wade—to their beloved Fenwick Island on the coast of Delaware to share his secret and to reveal plans for each of them that he believes will change their lives forever.

However, Robbie isn’t the only one with secrets. The bonds the friends formed as teenagers still exist, but adulthood has brought a whole new set of complications, like unrequited loves, marriages on the brink, and so much unfulfilled potential. Robbie’s plans may look good on paper, but are they any match for the utter disaster that is real life?

As everything comes to light over a wild weekend full of surprises, Robbie learns there are still some things money can’t buy, and a group of friends who thought their best years were behind them realize just how much they have to look forward to.

Reviews & Praise

“Fast, fun, and wise.”

—Nancy Thayer, New York Times bestselling author of Family Reunion

“All Together Now—a delightful novel about the meaning of friendship and how we dream of being remembered by those closest to us—won me from the first page. Matthew Norman’s latest made me wish I were reading it alongside its warm, wonderful characters on a sunny beach: eating too much, telling secrets, and maybe even getting a matching tattoo. . . . A fabulous vacation of a book!”

—Amanda Eyre Ward, New York Times bestselling author of The Jetsetters

“Like a modern, updated The Big Chill, All Together Now features a gathering of pals who spill the truth, rehash the past, air grievances, and then let their enormous love for one another wash it all clean. I fell hard for each of the charming, oddball characters and laughed, cried, and gasped along with them as I raced from the opening pages to the final chapter in this delightful, funny, and heartwarming book.”

—Jessica Anya Blau, author of Mary Jane

“All Together Now is an absolute delight—an ode to true, everlasting friendship, endless love, and life itself. Like the characters from The Breakfast Club twenty years later, the Baltimore Prep Rejects are a flawed, funny, dysfunctional bunch who fit together perfectly.”

—Owen Nicholls, author of Love, Unscripted

“With warmth, wit, and compassion, All Together Now weaves an enchanting tale of friendship and love that will keep readers hooked until the last page. The novel is a master class in storytelling, with a powerful premise and palpable affection for its characters . . . A glorious summer read.”

Bruce Holsinger, national bestselling author of The Gifted School

“Norman’s latest novel is a natural complement to Emma Straub’s Modern Lovers, Glen David Gold’s Sunnyside, and Lauren Groff’s Fates and Furies, packed with Norman’s signature suburban pathos. The novel’s central foursome is delightfully complex, with individual insecurities, quirks, and passions gradually revealed. All Together Now is a witty and charming exploration of what can happen when adult lives are put on pause and teenage impulses meet a billionaire’s resources.”

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