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I Have a New Website!

Duh, right? The fact that you can even see this means you already know I have a new site. But I figured I'd make it official. Welcome to the all-new The Norman Nation!

For more than a decade this URL has housed my official blog. That blog, however, has fallen into disrepair and downright neglect on my part. Apologies for that. This fresh new site offers much more functionality and, frankly, a better overall look and feel.

Some key features to keep an eye on. Under the "About" tab, I'll be posting book, music, and TV/movie recommendations. Those are fun. I'm a dedicated consumer of the arts, as you'll find. And under "What's New," I'll be doing my best to recreate my old blog by updating everyone on new things, like book releases and cover reveals and published articles. For example, if I were to ever be nominated for or win a Pulitzer Prize, I would definitely post that information under "What's New."

Additionally, this new site features some updated contact information. If you want to say hello to me personally, drop me a line on social media. But if you want to talk to my book agent, film agent, or publicist about potential events or collaborations, head over to the "Contact" tab.

Enjoy the new site, friends, and I'll be talking to you soon.


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